Humor as a Strategy

3 examples from powerful brands

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I hope you enjoy this week's article, which is all about how leveraging humor gives your small business an edge over competitors without breaking your bank.


1. Build a brand that sticks like glue

Ever wonder why the Geico gecko or Wendy's sassy Twitter account are ingrained in our minds?

It's not just the catchy phrases; it's the brand’s personality! Memorable brands leverage humor to create a connection.

Take Old Spice, for instance.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign didn't just sell deodorant; it became a cultural phenomenon. People engaged, shared, and, you bet, bought Old Spice. Why? Because humor makes your brand unforgettable.

2. Humor guarantees shareability

In the age of AI, if anything can guarantee virality it’s humor topped with radical authenticity.

But how do you turn a boring public service message into a viral song? Remember the 'Dumb Ways to Die' by Metro Trains Melbourne?

They turned a safety message into a catchy and darkly funny music video. Result? It went viral. Within 24 hours, the song reached top 10 chart on iTunes and not only did it rack up millions of views, but it also increased awareness and safety compliance.

Plus, it was turned into a game soon after. More importantly, 127 million people have stated that they would be safer around trains because of the campaign.

Humor has this magical ability to turn your messages into cultural phenomena, reaching far beyond your immediate followers.

3. Aim for igniting conversations

Let's talk engagement that goes beyond likes and shares—conversations.

Enter Moonpie. A humble marshmallow-filled snack went from the shelves to social media stardom. How? By being downright hilarious! Checkout their latest Alienfluencer campaign.

Their witty and sometimes bizarre campaigns and Twitter banter earned them a devoted fan base. The result? Increased sales and an engaged community.

Again, humor isn't just about getting laughs; it's about starting conversations that lead to consistent conversions.

So there you have it.

In a world saturated with content, a good laugh is your ticket to standing out, connecting with your audience, and boosting those engagement numbers.

So, if you want to turn your brand into a social media sensation, on a budget? Embrace the fun! 🚀

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