Why We Are Starting Antifiller

And what fuels our drive

Hey there, fellow creatives in the noisy realm of the web!

Welcome to our debut on LI – we're about to spill the beans on why we're passionate about what we do.

In a world ruled by algorithms, standing out as a brand is like finding a hair in a haystack. Playing it safe is no more a brand strategy. It's as outdated as dial-up internet.

The past is loading…

If you are more scared of standing out than blending in, it's time to break free from the shackles of boring marketing.

Why Boring Marketing is a Bigger Risk than Skydiving on a Chair

We get it – you've crafted a well-rounded marketing strategy, carefully selecting every word and visual.

  • You aim to be inoffensive

  • Afraid of daring to be different

  • Stay in line with industry standards

But here's the harsh truth - if you're not breaking bad on social, you're slowly fading into the abyss of invisibility. Your brand becomes forgettable.

Here’s an example.

Take our recent venture with a prize-game brand for the US audience. Initially, our ideas were too serious, too Robin Hoodish. 😑 The internal reactions were a resounding "meh." The burning question: why would people care if the brand isn't fun?

So, we scrapped everything and gave it a fresh spin. From Robin Hood to a fun, blunt, pushy character – a cross between Saul Goodman and Peter Griffin.

Brand personality

Taking a Stand – AntiFiller's Manifesto

We'd like to say we're on a mission to blah, blah, blah... but in simple words, we're against fluff that just fills space.

Marketing should be an adventure, a playground for creativity. It should be fun because when you enjoy your work, it shows in your campaigns.

It allows your customers to enjoy and have an occasional laugh, and it creates an atmosphere where all stakeholders genuinely enjoy associating with your brand.

Ditch the Drama – Embrace the Fun

Enough with the theatrics – we're done with campaigns that are too dramatic, too emotional, or just too functional. We're here to help brands stand out by embracing what they believe in while being fun.

Why? Because audiences get...

The Power of Humor

For marketers, humor is a superpower. It brings authenticity to your campaigns. Skyrockets engagements. Fosters relatability. Ignites word of mouth. Allows you to break stereotypes. Builds memorable bonds. Forms universal connections. I can go on about humor but you don't have to take my word for it.

Here's what Oracle found in its Happiness Research Study 2022:

  • 90% likely to remember ads that are funny.

  • 68% would prefer to engage with a funny chatbot.

  • 75% would follow a brand if it's funny on social media.

As folks at Marketing Dive aptly put it, "9 in 10 consumers prefer brands to be funny, with Gen Z and millennials over-indexing at 94%."

How We Leverage Humor for Tech Products

We recently had the chance to revamp PureVPN, one of the world's top VPN brands. The challenge: Make the brand more memorable.

Before 2023, Pure's personality was more of an educator and serious talker.

Pure Visuals Before Antifiller

As we came onboard, we knew the audience was streamers and gamers. But what do streamers and gamers need? ACCESS.

We thought of the VPN as a freedom fighter. The purpose of the brand became internet freedom for streamers and gamers. But that wasn't enough to keep the audience engaged. We needed something more. That’s how we arrived at the strategic direction of introducing a character.

So what could that character be? Or what do interneters love?

It’s not secret that cats rule the internet. So we locked the cat and called it Pur, dressed like a vigilante, here to provide access to those who feel restricted.

Pure’s New Mascot

Pure’s Visuals After Antifiller

We turned PureVPN from a faceless brand to a freedom-loving vigilante who's fun and quirky. Here are some of the results this rebranding achieved for the brand.


The head of growth at PureVPN had some fantastic things to say about it.

"We wanted them to take a complex branding need to increase our engagement & positioning well so it will drive our NPS as well as organic visibility. They came back with work that was original, creative, and conveyed our message clearly & concisely."

Emre Tok, Head of Growth, PureVPN

Wrapping it up...

If you’re still reading, thank you for visiting us here. We’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn. In a nutshell, we're here to be the misfit that stands out in a world of conformity. Wanna join?

Say goodbye to the mundane, and let's put the fun back in marketing.

Stay quirky, stay real!

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